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Inez Knight Allen

“Reluctantly I said goodbye to Niagara, with the greatness of God and the insignificance of man impressed upon my mind by the power of those falls.”

– Inez Knight Allen

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An excerpt from Inez Knight’s journal

Emmeline Wells

“I have desired with all my heart to do those things that would advance women in moral and spiritual as well as educational work and tend to the rolling on of the work of God upon the earth.”

– Emmeline Wells

Emmeline B. Wells was a prominent journalist, editor, speaker, and champion of women’s rights. From 1877 to 1914, she served as the editor of the Woman’s Exponent, a periodical directed toward Latter-day Saint women. Along with reporting on Relief Society news, the publication served as a place for women to discuss their views. Emmeline used this platform to advocate for women’s suffrage and to support economic and educational opportunities for women.

As one of Utah’s greatest women’s suffrage leaders; Emmeline led the Utah Territorial Woman Suffrage Assocation and represented Utah women in the National Woman Suffrage Association and the National International Councils of Women. When she was 82 years old, she was called as the fifth general Relief Society president, where she served until shortly before her death in 1921. Emmeline was a consistent diarist, and her writings not only shed light onto many important historical moments but also demonstrate her strong faith in God, which she maintained throughout her life.

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Emmeline Wells Quote

Helen Foster Snow

“The essence of all religion is to be willing to risk your life for a belief – not for survival.”

– Helen Foster Snow

Helen Foster Snow was an American journalist who spent most of her life reporting on events and being a wonderful friend to China. Born in Cedar City, Utah in 1907 and raised in both Cedar City and Salt Lake City, Utah, Helen grew up in a household with a mother involved in women’s rights and a father who practiced law. In 1931, after attending college and working for a while, Helen made the move to China. There she met her husband Edgar Snow, and they worked together to assist with social and political causes in China.

She spent time with Mao Zedong and other Communist party leaders and witnessed firsthand the struggles of the National Revolutionary Army and the people she met, which she wrote about in her book Inside Red China. She stayed in China until 1940. She and her husband worked tirelessly to improve diplomatic relations between China and America, but with little success. Helen Foster Snow was a shining example of fighting for what is right even when the odds seemed stacked against her.

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Some of Helen’s photographs and manuscripts

Edith Irvine

Born in California, Edith Irvine became a talented woman photographer. Her images range from highlighting gorgeous views of Yellowstone to documenting the aftermath of the earthquake on San Fransisco. Below are images she took and a link to see her whole digital collection.

Minerva Teichert

“On paint we must spend. I have covered several canvases three portiats deep to save buying a new canvas. It saves, but the pictures always turn dark before a year besides losing some of our best pictures.”

– Minerva Teichert

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Alice Louise Reynolds

Alice Louise Reynolds was closely involed with both the church and education, and was good at what she did. She served on the General board of the relief society, taught as a BYU faculty member, and was the vice president of the Utah Educational Association! You can also come in to read about her travels abroad through Europe and the Middle East. Or, take a look at her lecture notes and imagine what it would have been like to be in her class!

Call number MSS 120

An excerpt from one of Alice’s travel journals.